The Slayer layer Services

What makes my ratings Number 1 in the UK?

We rate every horse race-by-race, finding the clear top-rated horse in each race and the clear 2nd top-rated danger. The B4Y Top Rated horse has one of the highest percentage winning strike rates you’ll find in the UK today.

Factors considered include today’s conditions, course, going, draw, jockey, the form is a major part of the ratings, betting markets, Also In-running past form, and in-running past pace figures.

Ratings today probably 95% of the ratings are computerized Algorithms. In my opinion, They are flawed and don’t have that human touch.

I can adjust to changing race conditions and betting markets It is impossible for Algorithms to duplicate that.

B4Y ratings are rated by an accomplished horse racing trader punter, He rates every race and every horse in that race.

B4Y ratings Number 1 in the UK.

Stephen the layer slayer A layer & trader with over 36 years experience, Former bootneck and global protector Teamed up with Kevin Curry back to lay trader and punter with over 30years punting and trading experience

Started 2.8-2.9 when I said skinny, goes off 4.28 and trades inrunning at 16 and winsFlushed face Why so many fail you can’t go in all thinking you’re going to win.


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