Horse racing expert and professional horse racing analyst in recent years developed his own unique b4y ratings. Kevin has been involved in horse racing and headed some of the country’s most profitable betting syndicates for over 30 years. A respected horse racing tipster and analyst, he masterminded the highly regarded and profitable Bettolose also developed the stop at a loser lay betting system.

Over recent years Kevin has turned his focus to horse racing trading specializing in back to lay and in running trading on Betfair.

Throughout last year he has concentrated on advising for the fantastic web app, Hedger Pro, which has been developed by Nigel Dove Kevin Curry advising all the way from the start.

With ongoing advice at the same time fine-tuning of the b4y ratings, Kevin delivers the pace scores and the b4y ratings for Hedger Pro which includes B4Y ratings for every race and runner UK and Irish racing. Kevin delivers the b4y top rated for every race with a selection danger also including.

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Daily 5 star rating of the day.