All of our ratings and race comments are shown on Hedger Pro as part of your Bet4You package. Bet4You ratings and Hedger Pro make the 'perfect partnership'

Hedger Pro is a fantastic 'back to lay' trading tool and web based auto-bot, which gives you past in-running 'back to lay' runner performances that can filtered for today's conditions and automate your 'back to lay' trades.


Some of the fantastic features in Hedger Pro:

  • Shows up to date current betting patterns for each horse.
  • Race cards for hedging form and in play performance
  • Find the best 'back to lay' horses
  • Auto bet placement and hedging (on Betfair)
  • All on-line, no software to download
  • Pace scores for each horse finding your front runners
  • B4Y ratings package as a upgrade discounted for hedger pro
  • All the info, ratings and analysis you'll ever need

More info, visit Hedger Pro Video Page for Kevin Curry's demos on Hedger Pro

Please note: Hedger Pro is owned and operated by Level Software Limited, it is a third party product that integrates our ratings as part of their service