Bet4you Chaser Up

The chaser UP  used on Hedger Pro is a method I developed over time and I used manually with my back to lay trades until Hedger Pro managed to automate it.
The method adjusts stakes and bets to help you protect your betting bank.

The Lay Bet
- The Chaser Up
2nd part of a back to lay trade is the lay bet depending on the % target profit you have input with Hedger Pro. The lay bet will be a lower price than the back bet which will automatically be placed after the back bets has been matched.; Hopefully the price will come down in running or before the races starts to reach your lay bet then you will have made your back to lay trade a profitable trade.

But what happens if the back bet gets matched and the lay bet goes in at lets say you have set your target profit on Hedger Pro 20% which we say is 10 ticks below the back bet waiting to get matched and the lay price starts to go up; lets say your put a back bet in at 5.0 then the lay bet goes in at 4.0 but then the back bet starts to go up in price say it goes up to 5.5. That’s when the chaser up kicks in it will start moving the lay bet up in price say the lay bets gets moved up by the chaser up to 4.5 from 4.0 this then may help your trade, the price still only needs to come down 10 ticks or 20% from the current back price of 5.5. But lf the lay bet would have stayed in at 4.0 your price would have needed to come down in price to 15 ticks or 30% below the current back price which will make the back to lay trade more difficult than you first expected wich means more risk to your betting bank.
If the back price keeps going up in price before the race starts, say it goes up to 6.5 now, the chaser up will have to move the lay bet up again but the chaser up will stop the lay bet at a scratch bet (money back ) which would be 5.0 the same as your back bet at the start off the back to lay trade.

The positive with using the chaser up is this will help you when the betting goes against you and will help you protect your trade and one off the most important things in trading is to try and protect your betting bank which the chaser up on Hedger Pro will do this for you automatically.

The negative using chaser up is when the lay bets starts to move up this will mean less profit or a at worse a scratch bet (money back ) if the back to lay trade is a success.

Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand it there’s a video in the bet4you video section showing you how the chasers up works I will show you and explain to you how it works with Hedger Pro

Make sure to sign up to Hedger Pro and get your chaser system included in your subscription.