Hedger Pro Chaser Down

The 'chaser down' on Hedger Pro is a method I developed over time and used manually with my 'back to lay' trades until Hedger Pro automated it!

The method will help you maximise your profits.

Below is a brief explanation of how it works:

The 1st part of a 'back to lay' trade is the back bet.

I tend to put a back bets on at 2 ticks above the current market back price with Hedger Pro, to get a better back price than the current price. Often this bet gets matched, which is fantastic as then I've got a better price which crucial over long term profits. If the back bet is not matched and price starts to come-in (reduce in odds) then we need to chase the odds down - and so the 'chase down' system kicks in, automatically following the price down leaving the 2 ticks above the current back price until, hopefully, the price of the back bet comes back up and the back bet gets matched.

If the back bet doesn't get matched before the race starts, which can only happen if the price has gone down in price and did not come back up again before the race starts, then the back bet gets automatically cancelled or matched at current price depending on your settings when using Hedger Pro.

Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand it, there’s a video in the Bet4You video section showing you how the 'chasers down' works. I will show you and explain how it works with Hedger Pro.


Make sure to sign up to Hedger Pro and get your chaser system included in your subscription.