What makes my ratings the best in the UK?

We take a different approach with our ratings; we rate the horse race by race finding the B4Y  top-rated horse in each race with the clear top rated in the race. B4Y Top rated horse has one off the highest percent off winning strike rates your find on the net today..

Normal ratings like the official ratings don’t take into account over horses in the race. Also, today's conditions, like the course and going, draw jockey and much, much more and off course in running past form and in running past pace figures i.e. if it started slowly or at the front. That is where B4Y pace scores come into their own.

We are also always looking at betting markets, finding positives in those markets or negatives if it's been backed or drifted in price etc.

Most of the over ratings your find on the net today. Probably 95% of ratings today are computerized Algorithm. In my opinion, they are flawed and don’t have that human touch.  With over 30 years of experiences covering every aspect off horse racing. trading and punting at the highest level. being able to adjust to changing race conditions and betting markets etc. It is impossible for an Algorithm to duplicate or get anywhere near as good.

B4Y ratings are rated by professional horse racing trader punter, Kevin Curry. He rates every race and every horse in that race manually. Yes, it's very time consuming but the proof is there in the past results.

That’s why B4Y ratings are the most constant ratings you will find and have one of the highest strike rates off winners in the UK with there top rated selections