What’s included in your B4Y ratings package?

  • B4Y Rating
  • B4y Plus rating  new
  • B4Y Ability rating new
  • B4y Back 2 lay rating new
  1. B4y pace scores every runner.
  2. Live Betfair betting graph every runner
  3. B4y recommend percentage hedge ever runner. RPD
  4. The expected  in-running percentage price drop every runner EPD
  5. Star rated top 3 selections with a drop-down to find you top-rated in each race
  6. Daily best bets in the Rating app
  7. Database of past races and ratings
  8. Live Betfair price feed every runner
  9. Fast result off winner for each race in the Rating app
  10. Full position and result of every runner by end of racing
  11. Jockey silks in the rating app every runner
  12. percentage price drop on every runner in today’s race